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Wisdom of the Diamond:

The 5 Bases of Effective Team Leadership w/ Tom Bartosic


As timeless as the rules established by Abner Doubleday to govern the play of America's national past time, baseball, the five bases of effective team leadership are presented in a light hearted story with Little League baseball as the backdrop against which these lessons are illustrated and learned. 


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Eight Points of the Compass:

Directing Our Children on the Path to a

Better Life


Why are so many people wandering aimlessly through life? Why has there been such a shift in values from generation to generation?

In Eight Points of the Compass the attributes of Integrity (True North), Gratitude, Character, Balance, Commitment, Abundance, Vision, and Relationships are presented in anecdotal fashion so as to make them a lasting and timeless legacy of direction and wisdom for each succeeding generation.


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Don't Feed the Bears:

How Parents Can Set Their Kids

Up for Failure


Even the best of parents with the purest and most idealistic intentions to provide a better life for their children can set them up for failure by confusing better with easier.

So how do we provide our children with the opportunities and tools for greater success without spoiling them? How do we insure that we have positioned them for this greater standard of living without overly indulging them? No doubt it is a balancing act, and requires planning, forethought, and consistency.



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'The Gazebo' is Getting Great Exposure


With such a powerful story to tell, Alex Lebenstein's story as told to Don Levin in The Gazebo is getting a lot of attention - both in their hometown of Richmond, VA and across the World Wide Web.  See the following links for the latest news:


"Mr. Lebenstein’s story is gut-wrenchingly real. He’s bravely shouldered a burden, endlessly, so that “they” may understand and never repeat the sins of their grandparents.  The Gazebo is a must read." - Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews, January 2009 (click here for review)


The Gazebo reflects life from hate to tolerance - Midlothian Exchange, newspaper article, December 3, 2008 (click here for article)




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